Thursday, September 23, 2010

See and Get Great Art, Support German's Cultural Exchange in Canada

Photo: Shannon Nicholson/Photo Cuba 2010

 Hola everyone!

Most of you know we have been doing a travel cultural exchange photography workshop in Cuba for the past 6 years.  German (pronounced "Her·man") Portuondo is the art professor who we co-teach with during Photo Cuba.  German is here in Canada for a two-month cultural and artistic exchange...  and you can be a part of it!

German is here to make art, but he also came with about 20 really amazing new painting in his surrealistic style (a la Salvador Dali).  This new collection of work will be the feature of the silent auction that we will be having during the welcome fiesta/ fundraiser party in German's honour.  All the proceeds from this fund raiser will go to paying for German's flight, medical insurance, art supplies and cultural experiences while here in Ontario.

Please join us on Sunday September 26th at 7pm for a fun evening together at our studio. You are welcome to bring as many people as you would like, the more the merrier... ( $15 at the door). There will be music, art and some salsa dance and of course some familiar faces to reconnect with.

It will mean so much to us if you can come out and support us in this event!  

Hope to see you on Sunday.
Trina and Scott

La otra mirada.

La obra pictórica del artista Germán O. Portuondo Roca nacido en Santiago de Cuba, Cuba (1972), trata de forma surrealista las problemáticas existenciales de su entorno, con una aguda visión refleja las pujanzas de su mundo por subsistir y mantener su posición ante la dinámica de otro mundo fuera de sus fronteras, estableciendo paradigmas y diferencias entre ambos. Su obra se caracteriza por el simbolismo, utilizando elementos como La Palma Real, El remo, Las escaleras, los botes, Los tenedores y cucharas además de elementos significativos de ese otro mundo que se le ha vedado.

Su gama de colores se adueña de los colores del trópico y la fusiona con la atmosfera fría del norte que nos conducen a un ocaso de luz al final del túnel.

La muestra revela la mirada de un cubano que intenta descubrir el mundo.

Another Look

The Cuban artist, German Portuondo Roca was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1972. His surrealistic approach expresses in depth the problems of his surroundings. His work reflects, with a particular vision, the strength to survive his world as well as to maintain the dynamics of the world beyond his frontiers by establishing paradigms and differences. The basic elements that surround him such as boats, paddles, lathers, forks, spoons and La palma real (Cuban national symbol) are what characterize his paintings through their symbolic meaning. He also uses significant elements of the other worlds which have been forbidden from him.

His palette takes over the colors of the tropics and merges with the cold northern atmosphere that leads to a decline of light at the end of the tunnel.

The exhibition reveals the look of a Cuban who tries to discover the world.